Zoftskin Volleyball
Zoftskin Volleyball
Zoftskin Volleyball
Zoftskin Volleyball
Zoftskin Volleyball

Zoftskin Volleyball


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  • High density foam Volleyball
  • Reduced bounce
  • Non-sting construction
  • Size 7.5” (19cm) diameter
  • Weight 300 grams approx
  • Colour Yellow

Designed with small children in mind, this high density foam volleyball is the perfect stepping stone to mastering the game.

With its reduced bounce feature, the Zoftskin Volleyball offers a safe yet thrilling playing experience. No more worrying about uncontrollable rebounds that could lead to accidents or injuries. This exceptional attribute allows kids to focus on their skills without any distractions.

With a size of 7.5 inches (19cm) in diameter and a weight of approximately 300 grams, this volleyball is perfectly proportioned for small hands. It guarantees a confident grip and optimal control, empowering young players to execute those precise passes, seamless receptions, and game-changing shots.

But what truly sets the Zoftskin Volleyball apart is its unbeatable durability. The PU outer coating acts as a protective shield, preventing children from picking at the foam and ensuring that this ball will withstand countless hours of play. Say goodbye to flimsy, quickly deflating balls, and hello to a companion that will be by your child's side for many memorable matches to come.


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Every Court and Every Player

Indoors or outdoors; clay, asphalt or grass; from your first-ever serve to your final set of the match: Zoft tennis equipment has you covered.

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