Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch
Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch
Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch
Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch
Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch
Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch
Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch

Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch


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  • Primary sized dodgeball for ages 5-8
  • Easy to grip and lightweight
  • Non-sting construction
  • Size 5” (12.5cm) diameter
  • Weight 45 grams approx
  • Colour Yellow
  • Sold Individually or 8 pack in a bag

Introducing the Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch, the perfect primary sized dodgeball designed specifically for the little ones aged 5-8. Get ready to unleash the excitement and joy of dodgeball in a safe and fun way!

Our Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch is expertly crafted with young children in mind. Its easy-to-grip design and lightweight construction make it a breeze for those tiny hands to hold and throw. No more struggling or frustration - it's playtime made easy!

One of the standout features of our dodgeball is its non-sting construction. We know safety is paramount, especially when it comes to kids' play. That's why we've created a dodgeball that's gentle on impact, ensuring endless laughter without any unpleasant stings or injuries.

Measuring 5 inches (12.5cm) in diameter and weighing approximately 45 grams, our Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch strikes the perfect balance between size and weight. It's small enough for young children to handle confidently, yet substantial enough to be thrown with a satisfying weight during the game.

You have the option to choose between purchasing individual dodgeballs or a convenient 8-pack in a bag. Whether you're organizing a dodgeball team or simply want to stock up for endless hours of fun, we've got you covered.

The Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch is the smallest among its Zoftskin siblings, making it the ultimate starting point for young children to dive into the world of dodgeball. Its tough PU skin outer allows for easy compression when gripped, always bouncing back to its original shape. No matter how many times it's squeezed or thrown, this durable dodgeball is ready for any challenge.

So, why wait? Give your little ones an unforgettable experience with the Zoftskin Dodgeball 5 Inch. It's the perfect blend of safety, excitement, and durability. Get ready to embrace the joy of dodgeball with this extraordinary product - because fun should never have an age limit.

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