Zoft Water Polo Cones
Zoft Water Polo Cones
Zoft Water Polo Cones
Zoft Water Polo Cones
Zoft Water Polo Cones
Zoft Water Polo Cones
Zoft Water Polo Cones

Zoft Water Polo Cones


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  • Stackable 38cm marker cones
  • Vibrantly coloured
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in 5 colour

Take your water polo training sessions to the next level with the vibrant and highly durable Zoft Water Polo Cone 38cm. Designed with both players and coaches in mind, these cones are an essential tool for marking the field of play swiftly and effectively.

Our product comes with the following features:
  • Stackable Design: These cones have been ingenitiously devised to stack neatly, ensuring that storage and transport are hassle-free. Their compact profile means you can carry multiple cones at once without taking up much space—perfect for coaches who are always on the move.
  • Vibrant Visibility: Each cone is created using a strikingly vibrant hue that stands out prominently against the aquatic blues of any water polo pool, making it effortless for players to spot goal lines, 2m lines, 5m lines, and half-distance lines during vigorous training sessions or competitive matches.
  • Rugged Durability: Crafted from top-tier, heavy-duty plastic, the Zoft Water Polo Cone 38cm is made to weather the elements. Whether it’s sun exposure, chlorine immersion, or the rough and tumble of indoor use, these cones maintain their integrity and colour longevity.
  • All-Condition Versatility: These marker cones are as suited to the outdoors as they are to the indoors, showcasing exceptional adaptability to multiple play environments. A perfect choice for water polo facilities of all types.
  • Colour Variety: Catering to your preference or team colours, we offer an attractive palette of five different colours. Coordinate or mix and match to create your ideal water polo setup.

Targeted primarily at water polo players and coaches, the Zoft Water Polo Cone 38cm is more than just a marker—it's a symbol of professionalism and precision in sport. Enhance training, improve spatial recognition on the pitch, and foster a heightened sense of game structure with our standout cone.

Whether fine-tuning skills in practice or defining the battleground in a crucial match, trust Zoft to deliver a water polo cone that excels in function, visibility, and resilience. Set up your pitch with ease and confidence—choose Zoft Water Polo Cones for reliable quality and vibrant functionality.



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