Zoft Water Polo Caps
Zoft Water Polo Caps
Zoft Water Polo Caps
Zoft Water Polo Caps
Zoft Water Polo Caps
Zoft Water Polo Caps
Zoft Water Polo Caps

Zoft Water Polo Caps


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  • 100% stretch polyester.
  • Holes allow sound in and for increased water drainage.
  • Numbered 1-15
  • Available in White (home) & away (Blue)

Introducing the Zoft Water Polo Caps - the essential gear for every water polo champion. Designed for performance, protection, and team spirit, these caps are a must-have for anyone serious about the game.

Key Features of Zoft Water Polo Caps:

  • High-Quality Material: Crafted with 100% stretch polyester, Zoft Water Polo Caps offer exceptional durability and comfort. The material is designed to withstand the rigorous movements of the sport while maintaining its shape and colour in chlorinated water.
  • Enhanced Audibility and Drainage: Each cap is strategically perforated to ensure that sounds reach you with clarity, so you can stay alert to your teammates' calls and referee whistles. The holes also promote increased water drainage, keeping you streamlined and focused on the game.
  • Player Identification Made Simple: With numbers 1-15 boldly printed on the sides, players can easily be identified in the midst of action. This feature is crucial for referees, coaches, and spectators alike in the fast-paced environment of water polo.
  • Protection & Safety: The caps come equipped with ear guards designed to protect against potential injuries from high-speed water polo balls and rough contact during play. These guards provide peace of mind for players, allowing them to concentrate on their performance without the worry of ear injuries.
  • Team Coordination: Available in classic white for home games and a royal blue for away competitions, Zoft Water Polo Caps help distinguish your team and promote unity in the water. The sleek, bold colour options ensure that you stand out for more than just your skills.
  • Versatile Use: Not confined to water polo alone, these caps are also suitable for other underwater sports such as underwater football, hockey, and rugby. A versatile piece of equipment for any water-based team sport.

Why Choose Zoft Water Polo Caps?

The Zoft Water Polo Caps are the culmination of thoughtful design and material excellence to provide players with the best in water sport headgear. Whether you're defending your goalpost, making a break for the next score, or diving into other underwater sports, our caps ensure you do so with confidence and style. Control the game from start to finish, with Zoft – where every detail is designed with the athlete in mind.

Get Your Game On with Zoft

Make your mark in the water. Equip your team with Zoft Water Polo Caps, and experience a game where focus, safety, and team spirit are never compromised. Choose Zoft for caps that play as hard as you do.




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