Zoft Training Netball
Zoft Training Netball
Zoft Training Netball
Zoft Training Netball
Zoft Training Netball
Zoft Training Netball
Zoft Training Netball

Zoft Training Netball


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  • Quality training ball for entry level player
  • Moulded Nylon wound training netball
  • Grain pimple embossed surface for superior grip
  • General use on any surface
  • High air retention bladder
  • Available in size 4 & 5 in two colour options
  • Sold Individually or 8 pack in a bag

Introducing the Zoft Training Netball - Constructed with a moulded Nylon wound design, this netball offers exceptional durability for long hours of training. The grain pimple embossed surface provides superior grip, giving you the confidence to make those sharp passes and powerful shots. No more worrying about the ball slipping from your hands – our netball is designed to give you a firm hold, allowing you to focus on perfecting your skills.

Our Zoft Training Netball is suitable for all types of surfaces, so whether you're training indoors or outdoors, on  a hard court, our netball can handle it all. Its high air retention bladder ensures that the ball maintains its shape and bounce, so you can stay in the game without the hassle of constantly inflating it.

Our netball is available individually or in an 8 pack, perfect for team training sessions. Plus, with the option of size 4 and size 5, it's an ideal choice for beginner players looking to improve their skills and technique.

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Every Court and Every Player

Indoors or outdoors; clay, asphalt or grass; from your first-ever serve to your final set of the match: Zoft tennis equipment has you covered.

Zoft Touch

ZoftTouch balls are manufactured from lightweight plastics, with a carefully designed dimpled surface for maximum grip and minimum sting.

Our Philosophy

All About The Details

Zoft products are designed with no assumption left unquestioned. From how a ball might grip in little hands, to how it feels on impact with skin: where other brands wouldn't think to ask the question, Zoft has the answer.

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