Zoft Stage 3 Mini Ball Bucket (60) & Hopper
Zoft Stage 3 Mini Ball Bucket (60) & Hopper
Zoft Stage 3 Mini Ball Bucket (60) & Hopper
Zoft Stage 3 Mini Ball Bucket (60) & Hopper
Zoft Stage 3 Mini Ball Bucket (60) & Hopper
Zoft Stage 3 Mini Ball Bucket (60) & Hopper

Zoft Stage 3 Mini Ball Bucket (60) & Hopper


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  • Larger-sized (70mm diameter) low compression tennis balls
  • Money Saving bundle pack of balls & storage hopper
  • LTA Red Stage & ITF Stage 3
  • Suitable for all tennis court surface
  • High-visibility red & yellow felt exterior
  • Bucket of 60 balls
  • Portable hopper for picking up and dispensing tennis balls

Introducing the game-changer in tennis training - the Zoft Stage 3 Mini Ball Bucket (60) & Hopper! This incredible value-saving pack includes a bucket of 60 Zoft Stage 3 Mini Tennis Balls and the ultra-portable hopper and stand, making it a must-have for any tennis enthusiast.

Designed specifically for the LTA Red Stage and ITF Stage 3 Mini Tennis coaching programs, these larger-sized low compression tennis balls are the ultimate tool for developing your skills on the court. With a diameter of 70mm, these balls are approximately 8% bigger than standard tennis balls, making it easier for learners to make successful contact and providing a larger target to aim for. And with their high-visibility red and yellow felt exterior, they are easy to track while flying through the air.

But the benefits don't stop there. These mini tennis balls are also slower-moving, clocking in at 75% slower than regular balls. This slower speed allows players to focus on their technique, improving their overall game and building confidence. You'll be able to see your progress with every swing!

The included ultra-portable hopper is a game-changer in itself. Perfect for coaches, clubs, and schools, this hopper allows you to practice harder and more efficiently. Every design detail has been thoughtfully considered, from the adjustable handles that allow for easy pickup or effortless ball access with the stand, to the lid that keeps unwanted spills at bay. And with its reinforced welding, this hopper is tough and reliable, ensuring it can withstand even the toughest of tennis matches.

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Indoors or outdoors; clay, asphalt or grass; from your first-ever serve to your final set of the match: Zoft tennis equipment has you covered.

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ZoftTouch balls are manufactured from lightweight plastics, with a carefully designed dimpled surface for maximum grip and minimum sting.

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