Zoft Kids Volleyball 220g
Zoft Kids Volleyball 220g
Zoft Kids Volleyball 220g

Zoft Kids Volleyball 220g


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    Introduce your child to the exciting world of volleyball with the Zoft Kids Volleyball 220g - the perfect companion for budding athletes looking to spike, serve, and volley their way to greatness!

    Key Features:

    • Soft Playing Experience: Crafted with a soft laminated EVA foam exterior, this volleyball ensures a gentle touch, minimising the sting that can put young players off the game. It's kind to little hands, so your kids can play for hours without discomfort.
    • Enhanced Durability: Using advanced heat-sealing technology, our volleyball withstands the rough and tumble of energetic play. You can rest easy knowing this ball is designed to endure, serving up endless fun.
    • Superior Grip and Control: With an 18-panel exterior design, players enjoy improved grip and better ball control - essential for honing those game-winning skills!
    • Cushioned Impact: The innovative foam cushioning system provides a ‘give’ upon impact, making it easier for children to learn the proper techniques without fear of the ball coming in too hard.
    • Long-Lasting Performance: A robust butyl bladder lies at the heart of our volleyball, guaranteeing lasting air retention and a consistent shape. This means fewer interruptions for pumping and more playtime.
    • Eye-Catching Design: Available in a vibrant three-colour panel design, this ball doesn't just perform well; it also stands out on the court or beach, ensuring your kids feel confident and excited to play.


    • Skill Development: The Zoft Kids Volleyball 220g is specially designed to enable children to develop their playing skills in a safe, enjoyable manner. Its size and weight are perfect for those just learning the fundamentals.
    • Safety First: The use of soft EVA foam reduces the chance of injury, making it ideal for kids and peace of mind for parents.
    • Versatile Use: Whether it’s practice drills in the garden, a school PE session, or family fun at the park, our volleyball is suited to a variety of settings and surfaces.
    • Encourages Active Play: Help your child step away from screens and encourage physical activity that promotes health, teamwork, and coordination.

    Get your child set for success on the court with the Zoft Kids Volleyball 220g – where fun meets function in a kid-friendly package!


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