Zoft Indoor Mini Tennis Set
Zoft Indoor Mini Tennis Set
Zoft Indoor Mini Tennis Set

Zoft Indoor Mini Tennis Set


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Transform any indoor space into a mini tennis court with the Zoft Indoor Mini Tennis Set, specifically crafted to introduce the fast-paced excitement of tennis in a fun-sized package. Whether for sports centres, schools, or even at-home entertainment, the Zoft Indoor Mini Tennis Set promises endless hours of active play and is an impeccable addition for fostering a love for the game in players of all ages.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Indoor Fun: Our mini tennis set is designed with indoor use in mind, ensuring no scuffs or damage to floors while preserving the thrill of the game.
  • Ideal for Education & Recreation: A perfect match for sports centres and schools looking to introduce the fundamentals of tennis through engaging and approachable equipment.
  • Value-Packed: Each set provides incredible value, delivering everything necessary to commence play while being mindful of your budget.
  • Ease of Mobility: Light in weight and simple to pack away, this set can be easily transported for use in various settings and stored without fuss.
  • Quick Assembly: The 3m net is not only lightweight but also a cinch to put together, enabling a swift transition from storage to gameplay.


  • 1 x 3m Net & Post Set: A hassle-free, sturdy net spanning 3 meters that establishes the mini court with ease.
  • 4 x Plastic Rackets: Durable and lightweight, these rackets are tailored for the swift action of mini tennis and accommodate players of all skill levels.
  • 10 x 8cm Indoor Foam Balls: These soft foam balls are specially designed to be used indoors, ensuring the action remains lively, safe, and mark-free.

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Every Court and Every Player

Indoors or outdoors; clay, asphalt or grass; from your first-ever serve to your final set of the match: Zoft tennis equipment has you covered.

Zoft Touch

ZoftTouch balls are manufactured from lightweight plastics, with a carefully designed dimpled surface for maximum grip and minimum sting.

Our Philosophy

All About The Details

Zoft products are designed with no assumption left unquestioned. From how a ball might grip in little hands, to how it feels on impact with skin: where other brands wouldn't think to ask the question, Zoft has the answer.

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