Zoft Club Official Size & Weight Volleyball
Zoft Club Official Size & Weight Volleyball
Zoft Club Official Size & Weight Volleyball
Zoft Club Official Size & Weight Volleyball
Zoft Club Official Size & Weight Volleyball
Zoft Club Official Size & Weight Volleyball
Zoft Club Official Size & Weight Volleyball

Zoft Club Official Size & Weight Volleyball


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    Are you ready to rule the court and take your volleyball game to a professional level? Look no further, because the Zoft Club Official Size & Weight Volleyball is here to skyrocket your performance to new heights!

    Crafted with precision and passion, the Zoft Club Volleyball is not just any volleyball; it's your gateway to exceptional play. This pinnacle of volleyball design is meticulously produced to meet the official size and weight standards, meaning you're training with the best to be your best – whether for a heated match or high-level training sessions.

    Exceptional Feel and Durability:

    Constructed with soft laminated EVA foam, the Zoft Club Volleyball promises a gentle, reassuring touch every time you serve, set, or spike. The advanced heat-sealing technology fortifies the volleyball with a perfectly spherical shape that it retains even after thousands of spikes, ensuring consistency in every play.

    Advanced Cushioning System:

    Safety and comfort in play are paramount. That's why our foam cushioning system introduces an additional layer of protection to reduce potential bladder punctures. Practice harder and longer without a second thought to the welfare of your volleyball.

    Supreme Shape and Air Retention:

    The robust butyl bladder is the core powerhouse of our volleyball, offering unparalleled shape and air retention. Have confidence that your Zoft Club Volleyball will stay round and fully inflated, delivering superior top-quality performance that endures.

    Visually Optimised Design:

    The dynamic three-color panel design of blue, yellow, and white isn't just about looking great – though it does that spectacularly. It's also crafted to enhance your gameplay, helping you and your team identify ball movement quickly and react with game-winning precision.

    18-Panel Excellence:

    Every volley is an expression of craftsmanship, thanks to the 18-panel exterior of this exceptional volleyball. This design choices not only contribute to an ideal aerodynamic profile but also offer a secure grip, ensuring each serve is as accurate as it is powerful. With a weight meticulously maintained at 270g, you're handling a volleyball designed for champions.

    Whether you’re an aspiring pro, a seasoned player, a coach, or a volleyball enthusiast, the Zoft Club Volleyball is your perfect companion on the court. Elevate your volleyball experience today. Own the game, ace your serves, command the rallies and dominate the court – all with Zoft.

    Key Specifications:

    • Official Size & Weight
    • Made of Soft Laminated EVA Foam
    • Advanced Heat-Sealing Technology
    • 18-Panel Exterior Design
    • Foam Cushioning System
    • Durable Butyl Bladder
    • Three Colour Panel Design
    • Weight: 260g - 280g


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    Every Court and Every Player

    Indoors or outdoors; clay, asphalt or grass; from your first-ever serve to your final set of the match: Zoft tennis equipment has you covered.

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