Zoft Club Match Netball
Zoft Club Match Netball
Zoft Club Match Netball
Zoft Club Match Netball
Zoft Club Match Netball
Zoft Club Match Netball
Zoft Club Match Netball
Zoft Club Match Netball

Zoft Club Match Netball


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Introducing the Zoft Club Match Ball - the quintessential choice for athletes who refuse to compromise on quality and performance. Engineered to elevate your game, whether in rigorous training sessions or the heat of competition, this ball is designed to meet the demands of players at all levels.

Key Features of the Zoft Club Match Ball:

  • High-Performance Ready: Specifically crafted for the competitive spirit, the Zoft Club Match Ball ensures optimal performance in training and official matches, helping you push your limits.
  • Premium Natural Rubber Surface: Experience unparalleled touch and feel with its high-grade natural rubber surface. Designed for durability and resilience, it offers consistent playability, match after match.
  • Advanced Duragrip Pimple Construction: Revolutionize your game with our improved Duragrip pimple construction. This innovative feature provides superior grip and control, allowing for precise shots, passes, and dribbles under any conditions.
  • Unique Pimple Arrangement: Our distinctive pimple pattern is meticulously arranged to enhance handling and touch during play. This design ensures confident control in wet or dry conditions, allowing for peak performance no matter the weather.
  • Precision 18 Panel Design: Crafted with an 18-panel configuration, the Zoft Club Match Ball boasts remarkable aerodynamics and symmetry. This design promotes accurate flight and a consistent bounce, enabling players to make precise plays with confidence.
  • Versatility in Size: Catering to diverse needs, the Zoft Club Match Ball is available in size 4 for younger players and size 5, the international standard for adults. This versatility ensures that players of all ages can experience the pinnacle of quality.
  • Convenience: Supplied deflated for ease of transport and storage, this ball is ready to inflate and hit the pitch whenever you are. Its robust construction means it's always match-ready, providing reliability season after season.

The Zoft Club Match Ball isn't just another piece of sports equipment; it's an investment in your athletic development. Its superior design and construction are testament to our commitment to quality, providing players with the confidence to perform at their best. Elevate your game and make every match memorable with the Zoft Club Match Ball.

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